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nah, he has a big project he's taking care of and then he's going to burn out by the end of it so he'll need the vacation.

Music to listen to

at 20:53 - 26th, June 2023
Always in my search for new music I decided to pump Yoko Kanno into Pandora and see what came up. Surprisingly a lot of Attack on Titan for some reason, which wasn't a bad thing. The music is great and always makes me want to watch the anime. Well worth it.

But this rock / Alternative band called Asian Kung-Fu Generation keeps coming up. It's weird cause if they weren't singing in Japanese and had such an anime-esque sound to it, they could be any other rock/alternative band from canada or the states. It's really odd, but in a nice way.


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News comment 1 | User comment 4954 | 20:54 - 26th, Jun 2023

Even though the video is live action it still looks anime...

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