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ArriveCan app and controversy surrounding it

at 12:58 - 3rd, August 2022
I'm going to preface this with I know I sound like a conspiracy nut but have you heard about the Great Reset?

It's this theory that the powers that be are using COVID to their benefit for tighter control over people at the global level. COVID in this case just happens to be a catalyst to start all of this really but there are certain things happening all over the world that should make take a step back and say "wait, what?".

There was recently a WEF - World Economic Forum - where they don't even hide the idea anymore. The powers that be are openly talking about it. It's the most particular thing to hear people take about this out in the open, truly.

Anyway, most recently there has been a lot of hubbub about the use of fertilizers in agriculture in places like Canada and I believe the Netherlands.

The governments in both countries have put forward new legislation regarding the amount of fertilizer that can be used on farms. This has led to massive protests in the Netherlands - aggressive protests but I don't believe anything violent yet - and lots of complaining in Canada by the farmers.

Side note, there's a food shortage coming, be prepared.

The reason I bring this up is because this was one of the things that they talked about in WEF, climate control, emissions reduction through using less fertilizers and lastly - and I kid you not - moving away from meat production to insect production as a source of protein.

At the same time, they were talking about a single method to track all the personal information of all citizens at all times through some kind of medical app and how a number of countries have signed on to this. Canada being one of them.

Finally, people have started talking about this in public. If you have time, watch this through, it's pertinent to most people living in the civilized world, even if you are note Canadian or going to Canada.

And now I'll get off my conspiracy soap box.


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