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exactly so, who could be the next guy that they're going to get to make these commercials.

Meeting The Last Member Of A Remote Hidden Japanese Mountain Village

at 10:39 - 28th, July 2022
This sounds so fascinating.

There is an old Japanese village that was cut off from the rest of the world. To get to it, there's a single derelict road that ends at a marina / pier of sorts used by the technicians of a hydro dam. Apparently the only person still living there is a single old man in his 80's.

I found this video of a guy who hikes to remote places. He contacted another guy who is part of a committee to preserve the village - side note, not sure how that's going.

When I say this village is out of the way, that is an incredible understatement. You have to hike for hours from the closest point of contact just to get to the village. The path is so overgrown because no one travels on it anymore and so you can very easily get lost or killed by falling into a ravine or mauled by a bear.

I'm still trying to find the village on google maps but having a hell of a time. The guy doesn't really give much to go on.


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1363 | 20:56 - 31st, Jul 2022

what a wonderful wacky old man (ojiisan), really neat to see the abandoned village

the big cities are cool, but the outdoors is what i really like about japan, it's so scenic

there are so many abandoned homes and areas all over the country, city governments will sell land at really low prices, to even foreigners

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4968 | 14:10 - 1st, Aug 2022

I'd heard about that a while ago. Completely forgot about it.
Maybe time to start picking up properties in Japan?

Would be a good reason to go check it out.

"Hey, let's go to Japan, I bought this property that I need to check out see if it was worth it."

I know you were kind of on the fence about going back. Think this might change your mind?

andrew andrew
News comment 3 | User comment 1363 | 3:08 - 2nd, Aug 2022

haha, if I found something really cheap, I would definitely consider it

Actually going back next week. Not sure for how long, but have a few more projects to do for work. Shows 36C (and 4000% humidity) for next week, I'm going to melt.

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