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The whole rules about media and getting it legally are broken over the net. By broken I mean pretty much non existent. You have the states who tell you your a bad man. You have Canada who cover their eyes and go lalala nothing going on here.

MacOS 8.0 in a browser

at 14:12 - 11th, April 2022
They are saying this is emulation but I'm not sure exactly how it would be.
Maybe just a remote desktop to a workstation running MacOS 8? This hurts my head.

All I know is that this is pretty cool and it's able to run Civilzation 1.


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1302 | 8:46 - 20th, Apr 2022

it's kind of cool they included MS Word & ability to upload/download documents.

For all intensive purposes, this version of MS Word is more than enough for most people even today

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4886 | 1:35 - 24th, Apr 2022

you know what? you're 100% right haha

It's so interesting that they have things like strategic conquest on there. Strategic Conquest is still for sale on and that's despite the game being something like 30 years old if not older and completely abandoned by the devs. Again, they stopped updating it before the release of MacOS X (as in 10.0).

So basically they're kind of pirating or at least sharing active software - and I use the term "active" very loosely.

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