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So did John see it yet? What is it? Its either a new TV or a BBQ. I know its a \"man\" thing because you said John, and did not include Deb and Bry. I\'m gonna say a TV..

The Joy of Roguelikes with GoatRoss interview with Gory Gaming, dev for Days of Purgatory

at 17:05 - 29th, October 2021
Eric was just interviewed about his game Days of Purgatory.

Check out the interview, it's pretty interesting.

Also if you get the chance, go buy the game, it's actually a lot of fun. Buy Days of Purgatory on Steam


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1354 | 22:53 - 4th, Nov 2021

that's really cool. fantastic how eric basically taught himself video game programming!

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4946 | 16:18 - 5th, Nov 2021

I think at this point eric has more of an insight into current programming than any of us ol' comp sci guys do. I don't recognize unreal or unity as a programming language at all compare to what I know of C++, PHP, JS and whatever else.

Plus, about half way through the project, they decided to move away from Unity altogether and go over to Unreal. They basically had to start from scratch again.

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