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i dont think i elaborated enough carl.. i love the way dvds load instead of bluray... on ps3 i have to install a good portion of my game onto my hard drive which from what i understand is because the read/write speed of bluray is about 3/4 that of hd

Actraiser - Renaissance - Launch Trailer Nintendo Switch

at 19:20 - 24th, September 2021
I've always heard fantastic things about the original on SNES. Way ahead of it's time. Solid game. Great launch title. Building sim and side scroller action game.

Never got a chance to play it though. I should install it on my snes classic and see what it's all about.

Apparently the second one ditched the building mechanics and stuck to the side scroller action adventure. Also a good game but lacking because of the building portion being pulled.

I bet you this is Square testing the water to see if a new Actraiser game would sell. Be interesting to see if it works.


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