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Vizio apparently selling people's info

at 20:01 - 14th, May 2021
Should it just go without saying now that all companies are actively farming personal data and selling it?

From ArsTechnica's Vizio TV buyers are becoming the product Vizio sells, not just its customers:

But for consumers, those competitive prices may come with a downside: becoming subject to targeted advertising and monetized personal data collection. As reported previously on Engadget, Vizio just posted its first public earnings report, wherein it revealed that profits from the part of its business that is built around collecting and selling user data as well as targeting advertising at users totaled $38.4 million in the quarter.

So, are you willing to pay less upfront but have personalized ads and god knows whatelse they do with your information?

SmartCast collects user data, delivers advertising, and also gives Vizio a cut of subscription sales to other services made through the platform, like Netflix. This has become quite common in the TV business, and Vizio is not the only company running ads or collecting user data. The practice has become so prevalent that normally tech-focused review sites like Rtings have begun counting advertising approach as a key metric in assessing televisions for would-be buyers.

I miss my old 55" Bravia. It's smartest feature was that it had ethernet but I don't know what for, maybefor surfing the web on a crappy ass browser? Aside from that, it was just a TV. Why can't we have things like that anymore?


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