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Never seen an RTS that does things different. RTS are inherently all the same. I enjoyed Dawn of War but that is due mostly to the setting. It has all classic RTS elements. Starcraft I have no idea aside from the story which is valid.

After 27 years, you can now finally softmod a ps1

at 13:20 - 12th, May 2021
Wow, just wow.

So how do I get a ps1?


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1300 | 2:49 - 14th, May 2021

took them long enough to figure this one out. still remember soldering a mod chip to my PS1 way back when. Ended up selling that PS1 to Johnny, I wonder if he still has it. I have one buried in a box somewhere back home, along with a PS2, NES and SNES.

When you visit, you can pick one up at super potato lol (along with any old console/game imaginable)

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4885 | 11:59 - 14th, May 2021

Oh neat! Love the name too.

I've got an SNES in it's original packaging but opened, and a ps2 somewhere. Plus pretty much every other nintendo console you can think of. I even have an everdrive for my n64 so I can play all the games I want. Was thinking of doing something similar for the gamecube but yet to find one.

Got to love MVG though, one of the best youtubers I know. Really interesting videos on the coding and background of games and emulation. Very knowledgeable.

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