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this has happened to me before.. if you think your HD is dead, you might be able to recover some of it.. hope there wasnt too much on there install OSX to an external hd, then boot from that. you can then do a disk dump of your laptop\

Windbound Game trailer

at 14:07 - 21st, August 2020
Anyone have a switch? Anyone with a switch looking for a Zelda Breath of the Wild type game?

This to me feels very much like Breath of the wild, I just don't think it will incorporate all the depth in the lore that Zelda offered. Almost feels like it might even be the same engine.


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Alex Alex
News comment 1 | User comment 4856 | 14:08 - 21st, Aug 2020

Oh, and I do like the boat aspect. Will probably have either a crafting system of some kind or an upgrade system for the boat to get to further islands.

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