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actually, wasn't just banned in the states, it was banned by ms head office by some chick. i'm reading up on peter moore, the more i read about him the more i like him. he went crazy when she said 'over my dead body are you show

Trance Fridays #330 - Run - Lane 8 & Kasablanca

at 0:00 - 14th, August 2020
When I first heard Lane 8 I knew his music was special. It just hit me the right way for some reason. I sent a message to Pat telling him that he needs to stop whatever he was doing and listen to some of the tracks. He liked it, though his style of music is a bit different but totally understood why I would like Lane 8. He said it reminds him of the music we used to listen to when we first started going to parties. Pat was right.


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