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ME! id play it! just as long as otis doesnt call me every two seconds and i can shoot someone without having to aim in third person everytime. this is christophe btw

Trance Fridays #325 - Wake me up - Cubicolor Tale of Us Remix

at 10:51 - 3rd, July 2020
It's been a while. Ive' been listening to such good music lately but with everything that's going on it's difficult to spend any time on personal stuff. My days are pretty much wake up at 6, gym by 7, work by 9, work work work, home by 5, cardio for an hour or more, dinner and bed by 9. It's jam packed but can be a bit much at times.

The price we pay I guess.

My taste in music changed in recent years, becoming a bit more chill I believe but the artists I listen to now lean or learn from music I listened to when I started partying in Montreal. It's nice to feel that somewhat familiar warmth from good music again.


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