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Old consoles on HD Tv

at 13:43 - 16th, February 2015
So I was going through some of my stuff over the weekend and decided to try out my N64 and see if I could get it working on my 60" Sony Bravia. Luckily, the SNES, N64 and Gamecube all come with RF and RCA adapters and even more lucky for me, the TV supports both.

1st problem was that the adapters I have were so bloody old and worn out that they didn't work right off the bat.
Luckily I had a couple extra ones lying around and even a brand new SNES who's wires I could of used. The N64 took some cajoling but I finally got some games to work. Nothing like Donkey Kong 64 in all it's pixelated glory on a 60" TV blown up to whatever RCA's maximum output is.

Solution to the problem is that I got me one of these for 20$

Transfer video and sound through to an hdmi connection and will even upscale it to 720 or 1080!

2nd problem I encountered was with my gamecube, the disc drive doesn't want to read. So I checked on ebay again and found a platinum Gamecube with 2 remotes, all the cables and a memory card for 60$. Awesome.

Looking forward to playing fzero gx on my tv in almost full hd glory!


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