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so what exactly did they talk about on antichambre. i didn't watch it.

Trance Fridays #269 - Jon O'Callaghan feat Fisher – Found A Way (Joint Operations Centre Remix)

at 0:00 - 19th, December 2014
While in India I was coming back from an amazing party in the mountains in this venue that had so many black lights that the air itself almost seemed to turn purple. It was a psytrance event, which was fine but I needed me some good proggy trance afterwards, we had about a 45 minute scooter ride back to the hotel, it was close to 4 or 5 in the morning so no one was on the streets for a change and the group was feeling mighty fine. I put some music on my phone and was listening to this progressive trance mix I have when this song comes on. The rest of the trip I was humming, signing and dancing to this in my head. The scooter ride was quite a joyous one, swerving in and out of the lane, trying to get some air off the speedbumps and feeling free for the first time in a long time. Funny thing is that I posted the original version this back in Trance Fridays #41 and this is a remix of that great tune.


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