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voting liberal.. I almost want to vote conservative, but my riding is usually split bloc / liberals, so I have to strategically vote liberal to help avoid the bloc from getting in. for me, bloc is a broken record. even

Trip to goa India

at 12:31 - 3rd, December 2014

So far the trip has been amazing. Great people, great food, new and completely different culture, incredible sights to see, lots of exploration on scooters. I can honestly say I'm immersing myself here more so than I ever would in Europe. I've been to 3 psytrance events, music I didn't know if I'd like it or not, heard it and didn't think much of it and now it's started to grow on me.

Today I also experienced an actual Indian market. You know how comedians make fun of Indians for being kinda crazy when it comes to negotiating prices? They completely understate the tenacity of the common Indian shop keep. It would be comical if it wasn't tragic. Items that they want to charge 4000 rupees for are suddenly worth 1000 when you walk to the door saying it's too expensive. Then there are tactics, tell them you don't have the cash and they'll personally take you to the atmosphere to 'help' you with your purchase. Other shop keeps will find out that you are buying something and almost physically drag you to their store once you are finished. And I'm not talking the store next door, he'll no. I'm talking a store on the other side of the market. They must be family or something. When you don't end up buying something because you can't agree on a price they literally tell you to have a nice day and fuck off. Some get their children to negotiate, like a child gets better results or something. Then there are the people without shops, like guys selling drums who just walk up and down market all day beating on drums in your face. You can tell them no 100 times and they'll finally understand but then the next one comes over and repeats the whole process with the exact same drums. And can't forget the scm artists... Guys who walk up to you saying you have something on your ear, grab it and act like they're cleaning it, like you have a massive buildup of wax or stones or something. Tell one no and there are always two more behind him trying the same thing despite the fact that you told the first one to fuck off. 10 minutes in and you're mentally and physically exhausted. And what's worse is that they all have the same wares.

I have yet to go kite boarding but have found two places willing to rent gear, only issue is that there is no wind.

andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1359 | 14:11 - 3rd, Dec 2014

awesome! take some pics!

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4953 | 21:14 - 3rd, Dec 2014

I have some pics but will have to wait for more pics from my friends because I only have my s2....

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