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12" Macbook Air to begin production

at 7:18 - 24th, June 2014
Can someone please tell me what the hell is the point of having a 12" model?

Digitimes reports that Apple's new 12" MacBook Air will enter mass production in the 3rd quarter of 2014. Quanta Computer is reportedly responsible for the assembly of the new machine which falls in between the 11" and 13" MacBook Air lines. Their sources have not heard of any changes to the existing 11" and 13" MacBook Air models.

Digitimes' sources were able to confirm some small internal changes to the machine, but the new MacBook Air is said to look similar to the existing models:
The 12-inch MacBook Air features some design changes such as the battery and the internal layout, while its industrial design will be similar to its existing counterparts using an unibody aluminum chassis, the sources detailed. Some market watchers expect the machine to feature a Retina display.
First word of a 12" MacBook Air came from NPD DisplaySearch and analyst Ming Kuo in October, 2013. Kuo described the new machine as thinner than the existing MacBook Air and that it would incorporate a Retina Display. A Chinese forum post from a user who had previously leaked accurate information added that the 12" MacBook Air would feature a "new trackpad design" without a mechanical button and that the machine would have no fan.

Previous rumors have predicted that the 12" MacBook Air will be announced between Q3 and Q4 2014, so approximately September/October of this year.

There's already an 11" and a 13" model, no one can tell me that someone at apple actual sat down at a meeting and said "You know what? The 13" is a little too big and the 11" is a little too small, I think there's a whole market we're missing out on!"

With the new lower power and somewhat useless iMac, it kind of feels like we're going back to the old days of apple and the performa series of machines. You know, 10 basically same macs but with minor differences, totally different model numbers and each having "its own purpose".


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1363 | 9:19 - 25th, Jun 2014

110% agreed with this update. The 12" Powerbook was the PERFECT size. I've always been hoping Apple would re-introduce something similar exactly for the reasons you mentioned. 13" is too big & 11" is too small. Assuming the GPU doesn't completely suck, I might pick one up!

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4968 | 15:50 - 25th, Jun 2014

13 too big? Come on now.

Anyway, my point is that they need to replace one of the two other models with this, or replace both of them with this.

And GPU will more than likely be the same that's in the other air models. intel on board whatever whatever.

andrew andrew
News comment 3 | User comment 1363 | 15:59 - 25th, Jun 2014

the GPU sucking is pretty much a guarantee. intel is slowly getting better at graphics for mobile devices, but they still have a while to go. I benchmarked GTA4 a few weeks ago on a fully equipped macbook air, and it was still pretty slow.

13 is humongous - it's the whole widescreen vs. square display which makes the difference. 11" widescreen display is just so tiny.

Alex Alex
News comment 4 | User comment 4968 | 16:27 - 25th, Jun 2014

That's a good point, but the 12 will still be widescreen. Apple doesn't make 'full size' displays anymore

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