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i beat the jetbike part but damn was it tough don\'t think i could do it today what with my adult game reflexes. i wonder if they\'ll ever make another one.

20,000 Leagues above the Clouds

at 17:54 - 2nd, May 2014
This is a sneak peak of 20,000 Leagues above the Clouds that I found on reddit. Are you ready for airships?!

The game itself seems simple, the player travels to a floating island in what I would imagine to be EVE like controls, docks at a village on said island and clicks on a location on the island to gain a quest or buy items upgrades or whatever. The player leaves the island after accepting a quest, "sails" away from the village and drops to a lower depth for what can only be presumed is where the quest is. In the distance is what appears to be a set of explosions suggesting someone bombarding a village.

The graphics are simple but effective and give the game a lot of charm. Going to keep my eyes on this one!


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