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For me they have to revamp what PC gaming is about. Pretty much the glory days of PC gaming are dwindling and people are moving on to other alternatives.

Trance Fridays #225 - Robbie Rivera - Departures (Cosmic Gate Remix)

at 0:00 - 14th, February 2014
I had a completely different song in mind for this weeks Trance Fridays but to be honest, I can't find it. I had it on loop for 2 days straight, in the car and out. It was 30 minutes into a podcast, I just can't remember which bloody one, and my iPod doesn't have a history function, so my search will continue.

Then I found this, a great progressive track originally by Robbie Rivera and remixed by Cosmic Gate. God I love Cosmic Gate, I love Progressive music and I love the singer's voice. The entire song slowly creeps up on you and then kind of smothers you in a warm blanket. It's a shame the lyrics are kind of depressing but I guess it just makes it that much more special for someone going through a breakup.

I think this youtube commenter pretty much sums it up.
I think this remix will remain on my top 10 favorite tracks of all time for quite a while. It's magical. Listened to this so much after my divorce. It definitely creates a powerful emotion - especially during the breakdown @3:41. I can close my eyes and the flattened kick syncs with my heartbeat, as if they are intertwined, leading me through this darkness. Lizzie's voice seems to come down from heaven and surge through my soul. It lingers and resonates through my entire being.

Oh and happy Valentine Day ;)


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