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i love it! i love the background music like it's one of those old the more you know type videos
- Alex on yar

Xbox One Announcement

at 10:06 - 23rd, May 2013
So what are people's thoughts on the new console? They pulled a PS4 announcement by not actually announcing anything concrete but at least showed what it would look like.

Love the Forza bit.

I think the biggest news to come out of all this was the possibility that people might have to pay a fee for using second hand games. Honestly, I wouldn't put it past Microsoft.

Oh, that and the fact that none of the 360's games will work on the Xbox One. I'm shocked that people are surprised by this. I mean, it took Apple hell and high water to get the old PPC apps to work on the intel macs and Microsoft is doing the same kind of transition from a Power 6 derivative cpu to an AMD (I believe). So the translation just isn't there...


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js js
News comment 1 | User comment 1051 | 11:12 - 23rd, May 2013

Yeah, it's no surprise that they can't emulate the games on the new architecture. Like sony showed with the PS3, the margins are too tight to just put in the chip from the previous generation hardware.

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