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Nintendo making a sequel to Link to the Past for the 3DS

at 15:53 - 17th, April 2013
This came as a bit of surprise to me. Nintendo is making a sequel to Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past for the 3ds, and what's more is that they're using the same map as the original game. It's not a remake, it's an entirely new game and story with new game mechanics like field depth and Link's ability to become a drawing on the wall to get to new areas of dungeons.

All is explained in the video but for those who can't view the video or don't want to basically it works like this: the depth of field they talk about is the idea that things will pop out of the screen when Link does certain actions like jumping on platforms that throw him to higher levels. Link turning into a drawing on the wall will probably be some key story element but it's used in interesting ways. Since the camera is stationary as in link to the past, Link can change the angle by jumping into the wall. This gives the player a new perspective and he can also walk along the wall over pits and whatnot to get to new areas.

Here's the video:

Not sure about the art style, but then again I didn't like the art style of Wind Waker until I sat down and played the game.

All in all, should be very interesting to see how the game is received. The sales figures for the Zelda franchise has been on a general decline.

Zelda sales figures

Keep in mind that those figures are not the final figures for Skyward Sword which I think sold better than a lot of the other Zelda games.

Anyway, my point is that perhaps Nintendo is trying to 1 keep costs down by building a game in isometric view and 2 use the nostalgia factor of Link to the Past to help sell games cartridges since Link to the Past is one of the most memorable Zelda games to the people who grew up with the Zelda series.


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