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Trance Fridays #168 (openings) - Adryann - Rise of Spartacus (Intro Mix) (EL-Jay Halloween Edit)

at 0:00 - 4th, January 2013
So it's a new year, welcome to 2013.

A thought occurred to me this week in regards to the Trance Fridays Openings for this month. Since it's the first week of the first month of the new year and even today is the 4th, relatively close to the 1st if you ask me, I thought I'd keep my selection of what to showcase pretty simple.

So, the first podcast in my list of podcasts to update would be showcased. This is where my idea backfired on me, at least a little bit. The only version of the song that I can find online is the Halloween edit of it, so excuse the menacing laughter and the screams.

This is Adryann - Rise of Spartacus intro mix, remxed by El-Jay.

You can find it here on the Trance And Progressive Podcast (link goes to the apple itunes browser store) Podcast 51 (link goes to the itunes store)

Happy New Year everyone!


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