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Internet Map

at 11:21 - 6th, December 2012
I found a gem on the internet today. Called the Internet Map, it basically shows websites popularity compared to other sites. It probably uses the Alexa standard for the sizes. Unfortunately, my little website with a Google rank of 3/10 is not listed. Mind you when my site was a 4/10 it wasn't listed either....

Inetnet Map

Here's a zoomed out look of the map.
Zoomed out display of the internet

what's interesting to note is how "popular" certain sites are, like It's also interesting to see how porn sites do. There's literally an entire section of the map where they're all congregated. Kind of funny.

Of note: Google is the largest bubble, which makes sense. Bing, live and yahoo are pretty small, smaller than wikipedia at least.

Did you see anything interesting?


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