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yup, that i did. theres a lot i want to do, just no time. like, implement facebook properly, clean up the front page, input a reviews system for games, clean up the tags, add categories, implement a rating system

Halloween in the old port

at 11:22 - 31st, October 2012
So here's the story so far. Jay will be coming over after work, so this will be the gathering point pretty much. Then we'll head to the old port, have at least a drink and do some sight seeing.

This all depends on the weather though and that can make it a last minute call. Check back periodically if you want to come.

Christophe, Jay, myself, Val and Isaac are coming, Andy you mentioned interest.


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js js
News comment 1 | User comment 1051 | 12:19 - 31st, Oct 2012

Dammit, wish i wasn't working till 1.

andrew andrew
News comment 2 | User comment 1361 | 13:48 - 31st, Oct 2012

any idea approx at what time ?

Alex Alex
News comment 3 | User comment 4957 | 16:06 - 31st, Oct 2012

Not yet, no

Alex Alex
News comment 4 | User comment 4957 | 17:30 - 31st, Oct 2012

Jay is on his way

Alex Alex
News comment 5 | User comment 4957 | 17:31 - 31st, Oct 2012

Val will be here for 6.30 to 7.00

Alex Alex
News comment 6 | User comment 4957 | 18:35 - 31st, Oct 2012

Jay here

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