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what\'s that andy?

DBZ movie

at 10:40 - 30th, January 2008

This is what the DBZ movie should of been like...

Christophe Christophe
News comment 1 | User comment 766 | 10:50 - 30th, Jan 2008

cheesiest thing i have ever all my life... i wish i coulda heard it too

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4856 | 10:56 - 30th, Jan 2008

yea, but it's exactly like dbz.

Carl Carl
News comment 3 | User comment 1159 | 11:37 - 30th, Jan 2008

DBZ is not my thing. I find it so pointless. Mainly for people looking for stereo typical cool guys and non stop action with no depth to it.

Alex Alex
News comment 4 | User comment 4856 | 11:41 - 30th, Jan 2008

hehe, it had its moments, but there was way to much wasted time in that show.

John John
News comment 5 | User comment 376 | 11:42 - 30th, Jan 2008

Nah, this actually goes through the battle and dialogue at a decent speed. But yeah, so very cheesy.

Alex Alex
News comment 6 | User comment 4856 | 11:57 - 30th, Jan 2008

i mean the actual anime, it's so drawn out

Carl Carl
News comment 7 | User comment 1159 | 12:00 - 30th, Jan 2008

Yup it is. I remember watching a few with the guys at Chris old place and yeah I was not impressed.

Alex Alex
News comment 8 | User comment 4856 | 12:19 - 30th, Jan 2008

for some reason there's a generation of people from st kitts who love dbz, it's really strange.

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