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what a show. I watched a bit tonight, will definitely listen to it at work. Great find dude. Also, is he wearing tights?

Trance Fridays #131 - Beat Service feat Neev Kennedy - But I did

at 0:00 - 20th, April 2012
My trip to Montreal was pretty bad. Even for someone who tries to keep everything in perspective and keep a cheerful outlook on life in general. I can't right now, it's just too difficult with everything going on.

There's going to be some major changes in my life in the next little while that will take a lot of getting used to and I'm not sure if I'm ready for them.


I went to Bal en Blanc and had a decent time. It was by no means the best one I've ever been to and certainly not the worst. There were lasers, which was a plus, but the Cube was a small let down. On top of that, I don't remember any of the music, just if it was good or not. Most of the time I was looking for friends and taking care of this chick Nikki.

I do remember Beat Service coming on and thinking, why isn't the cube on for them? are they not big enough?
Well, I was in the car and listening to an old podcast from a while ago and came across this gem and decided to post it, not knowing that the song was by Beat Service. This just means I'll have to listen to more of their stuff.


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