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Dude you realize that you still come off as a zealot for the Mac and Nintendo. Basically anything niche and perl white ;) I think they are bashine for no particular reason. Just more internet fodder. Warhammer was out long before Starc

Steve Jobs Resigns from Apple Computers

at 21:17 - 24th, August 2011
It's the end of an era. Steve Jobs' has retired as CEO of Apple (Computers). Tim Cook is taking over as CEO and Steve will become Chairman of Apple.

Personally, I'm happy and sad. Happy because it's about bloody time he stepped down and allowed someone else to take over, maybe now they'll focus more on the mac and a little less on the iPad and iPhone. A little unlikely though :(

Sad because it's the end of an era. Steve Jobs single handedly saved Apple from being another Beta max.

I may not of agreed with you, but I salute you Steve.

• Alex


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