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Investor wants Nintendo to move software library to competition's smart phone platform

at 15:51 - 11th, August 2011
This is just retarded. Nintendo recently had an investor meeting and one of the investors brought up the possibility of Nintenod releasing their software on the iOS or Android.

From VG24/7

Speaking to Bloomberg, Stats Investment Management’s Masamitsu Ohki said that Nintendo should “buy its way” into making titles for smartphones.

“Smartphones are the new battlefield for the gaming industry,” he said. “Nintendo should try to either buy its way into this platform or develop something totally new.”

It comes as The Pokemon Company made the jump to iOS and Android with Pokemon Say Tap earlier this year.

Acquisitions could also be the way to go, according to Ohki, although specific names weren’t dropped. The last time Nintendo had acquired a developer was Xenoblade developer Monolithsoft in 2007.

Either way, don’t expect a massive shift to smartphone gaming anytime soon, especially if president Satoru Iwata’s comments from GDC in March are anything.

The report comes as the company cut the price of 3DS in Japan as of today.

Thanks, Bluebird.

The idea is a little ridiculous to me, Nintendo pulls a Sega and stops producing consoles and sticks to software? We're not quite there yet on the doomsday scenarios.

Something more feasible to me would be making a phone that can run apps like the iphone. not porting their library over to the competition.

I think they're looking at this all wrong. Why port shit over, why not see what the competition is doing right and improve on it? I think there's a serious issue with Nintendo's current business model when it comes to their online library and purchasing games. Something they're probably trying to remedy right now.

On top of that a lot of people are complaining about the price difference between the 3DS catalogue and the iOS or Android catalogue. To that all I can say is you can't compare the game you bought for 1$ to the 30-50$ games you buy for the 3DS.

Anyway, smart phones are an unlikely idea as well, they would probably never be taken seriously by the corporate environment.

• Alex


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