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I am impressed at their thin product. But then again thin is the work. This is all they can come up with in a year? A sub par notebook that is thin and higher priced then anyone else? God I really hope he retires and hands his company

Trance Fridays #91 - Bal en Blanc edition

at 0:00 - 22nd, April 2011
It's Easter this weekend, and with it comes two great things: something about Jesus and Bal en Blanc!

I was looking to post something about this years Bal en Blanc, like a DJ that's spinning or something and was doing a search of it on youtube and came across this promo video for last year's event.

the transition between songs is great, even though the entire thing is only 3 minutes long. So now I've decided to post the two songs played in the above video.

First off is Austin Leeds feat. Steve Bertrand - Staring At The Sun (Original Mix)

and next up is the unmistakable anthem-esque hit Daisy by Sander Van Doorn

Happy Easter everyone!

• Alex


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Alex Alex
News comment 1 | User comment 4968 | 11:31 - 22nd, Apr 2011

lol, dan i just realized you're in like 4 of the shots in the first video :D

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