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dude, when does this come out? i can probably play this on my ds with the busted L trigger

BBC Robin Hood

at 14:46 - 9th, March 2011
I bet you didn't know that the BBC had a Robin series that is 3 seasons long. It's British, so it has to be accurate :P

It looks somewhat like a drama but I'm hoping it will be good. I've read good things about it thus far.

Getting my hands on it now.

• Alex


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Curt Curt
News comment 1 | User comment 281 | 13:29 - 10th, Mar 2011

It's good. It's a bit on the fantastic high adventure end of things, so it's not super accurate, but it's a lot of fun. I haven't watched much more than half the first season, myself, but I intend to get back to it.

If you want some super-accurate-while-also-awesome TV from the same time period, check out the Pillars of the Earth mini series. It's made of win and awesome.

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4954 | 15:08 - 10th, Mar 2011

i have it, and everyone i talk to says it's fantastic. will have to sit down and watch that at some point.

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