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they like to powertrip.. like for example at concordia once, they were coming down the escalators and not letting anyone pass them and being really rude about it i try to pass the guy and he almost shoves me to the side of the escalato

Certain Apps on Mac App store cracked already

at 15:35 - 7th, January 2011
I have several issues with buying shit off Steam, apple's istore for the iphone/ipad and touch and android marketplace, let alone apple's new Mac App Store. Yesterday I found out that Apple's iOS and every single one of the apps you have installed, be it legit or not, tracks your gps locations, your contacts, phone calls, apps used/downloaded without notifying you. to the point that you can download a firewall program for the iphone to block the traffic from calling home to advertisers.

Don't go and think your safe from this sort of treatment on the android phones either, you're not. the difference is that Android asks you if you want to allow it to send info back home.

So who knows if apps will do this on the mac. I think I'll go and guy Little Snitch and install it when I get home.

The app store represents everything I hate about where Apple is going, this totalitarian mentality is too much for me. If there's an app that passes the test today and you buy it, but then 2 months from now policies change and it no longer fits in Apple's way of thinking, tough luck, it's gone. You don't even have a say in the matter. Apple sends a request of removal and the app is taken off your device.

Apple released their Mac store yesterday, already it's been cracked to be able to use certain apps for free. it's actually quite simple.

step 1. download a free app
step 2. open content package of app and find receipts
step 3. copy receipts
step 4. download certain other paid apps
step 5. open content package of app and find receipts
step 6. delete receipts and replace with free app receipts

finished. really is that simple, just need to find the apps it works with like angry birds. technically apple can fix this issue, but it's not really a broken Apple issue. it's bad coding on the devs part. which also means that if the dev updates the app it may update without asking and then not work.

It's a bad time in consumer.

• Alex


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News comment 1 | User comment 1033 | 11:00 - 8th, Jan 2011

I like androids way better. Whenever i buy an app, it lists what the app will access and if you don't like it, there are other apps that can do the same thing that don't. When there's an update available it notifies you after you open the marketplace and again tells you what it accesses with the update. You never have to install an update.

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