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I still play everyday, but I don't know a lot of the backlore. When I start a new character I want to concentrate on doing the dungeons and getting as much story from the game as I can.

World Junior Hockey Championship Bronze game

at 11:55 - 5th, January 2011
Anyone watching the game tonight?

I watched most of the Canada v USA game, kinda disappointing, USA never showed up to play. On top of that, I really thought Sweden played better than Russia in their semi finals.

• Alex


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Cliff Cliff
News comment 1 | User comment 176 | 18:42 - 6th, Jan 2011

SO! disappointing. Why do hockey players get so cocky that they stop playing? They had one more period to play and they blew it, maybe they were tired who knows. The worst of it was that I had to keep reliving it, they had it on sports center all day.

Schu Schu
News comment 2 | User comment 370 | 9:10 - 7th, Jan 2011

USA did show up, they just weren't prepared for that. Played the same way all tourney. Canada stomped them.

Canada lost to Russia though the minute they didn't fix their powerplay. All tourney long I was muttering to myself "fix the powerplay...get that goon Kassian off it...don't care if he scored a goal against some weak goalie from the North..." Nada. The one guy who actually won board battles (Leblanc, and probably the most unselfish player in the whole tourney) was never really on it and only used in a defensive role. And Pierre McGuire can stop hyping Jared Cowen. Cowen is the definition of "big, clunky, awkward defenceman" and 3 of those goals had him looking around lost. (No idea what the hell Gudbranson did on his fanned passed of nothing either). Oh well, I still don't get how the Russians managed to beat Finland lol. Talk about fail there. And those crazy Russians got too drunk from celebrating that they were kicked off their plane home XD Hilarious.

Alex Alex
News comment 3 | User comment 4895 | 10:08 - 7th, Jan 2011

so why didn't they play the dominating game they played against the Americans? they played kind of like that the first two periods against russia.

Schu Schu
News comment 4 | User comment 370 | 14:48 - 7th, Jan 2011

Yea and then fell asleep. Apparently Jacques Martin took over the bench :p

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