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Does it matter though? Everyone will have Rock Band by then. It would be like getting a hand me down t-shirt. When it was relevant it was used, when not lets give it to the Wii

Hockey Talk: the 100 million dollar mistake?

at 14:43 - 11th, November 2010
I'll open with a video of what happened last night. It's been all over the sports news and internet so I'd be surprised if you haven't seen it yet.

So now I pose the question, was acquiring and prolonging Kovalchuck's contract a mistake? So far this season he's a -7, has 3 goals and 5 assists in 15 games and has been benched/scratched at least once. Hell, he doesn't even fit in with the Devils' style of play. Typically the Devils are a defensive team, Kovalchuk i think would be considered a 'power-forward'. At least that's what people are kind of expecting at this point.

In other news, Ryan O'byrne has been traded to the Avalanche for Michael Bournival. He hasn't played any NHL games yet, but from the little I've found online about him he seems like a decent prospect. Sad to see O'byrne go though. Last year he played well, this year he hasn't played at all. Almost makes it seem like they planed on trading him from the get go.

Tonight the Habs face the Bruins. Won't be an easy game since the Bruins are coming off of a big win against the Penguins last night. Scored 5 goals in the 3rd period to come back and win the game 7-4.

Halak lost a big game last night too. Blue Jackets were able to score something like 4 goals in 10 shots, yet you don't hear any body saying anything about it. The Jackets went on to win 8-1 against St Louis. 4 players on the Jackets didn't have a point while every single player on the Blues was at least a -1. And now Oshie is out, big blow.

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Schu Schu
News comment 1 | User comment 370 | 22:49 - 12th, Nov 2010

The 100-million dollar mistake for another 14 more years. Bravo. You just got Yashin-ed.

Bad game by Jaro and the whole team for that matter. Oshie's injury was so needless and could have been prevented... His own fault for being stupid. Wasn't any better the next day though where they lost in a shootout. Lots of soft goals and he still makes the first move in the shootout. But how about Dagger? It's usually a sure-goal when he goes on a breakaway. Case in point, he got one on a breakaway and scored in the shootout. Looks like the old D'Agostini is back! Even though the Habs got shutout by the BJs and didn't show up, that's exactly how the score would have ended up if not for Price. Just don't tell Jack Todd (troll).

Great game last night with the Bruins. Playoff hockey! And a fairly perfect balance between defense/offense. Two powerplay goals against the #1 PK in the league! And Price is now 10-2-2 against the Bruins, was a perfect 3-0 last year.

Pierre McGuire just freaked out that Price isn't on the ASG ballot. This is the guy who said it was a mistake to trade Jaro... HA! The list is quite laughable.

Schu Schu
News comment 2 | User comment 370 | 22:55 - 12th, Nov 2010

Fair trade for Rhino. Sad to see him go... I mean you know how much I support the big guy. And he look terrible on that one goal by the BJs tonight. BUT here's how he faired in the game: 24:51 TOI, +1, 3 shots, 6 hits and 4 blocked shots in a 5-1 Colorado win. Martin probably would have benched him after that terrible first shift. Thankfully the young coach of the Avs is more forgiving!

Bournival is like Max Talbot or Dominic Moore. A solid two-way forward and a fitness freak.

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