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the xbox wasn't hd yet you can see some of the components of the hud unchanged. i think i'm going to pick this up. i tried it over by johnny and deb and thought with wii controls it would be awesome and i might of bought it for

The R4 hits mainstream.

at 9:45 - 26th, November 2007

Nintendo seems to know about it, i mean how could they not when the game stores are selling the bloody things in japan and even advertising for them.

with slight protection on the new crimson and black ds it's not hard to get your hands on one and use it...

source (Kotaku)

Carl Carl
News comment 1 | User comment 1159 | 10:04 - 26th, Nov 2007

It will never be hard to find a workaround. I just find it pretty pathetic though to try and trick out new systems.

The reason people got emulators was mainly for old nostalgic games which were no longer sold. Ok I can see that. But people downloading new games and modding their systems is pretty lame. Get a job and buy the game.

Some games do not sell so well that would otherwise sell out. I blame the piracy for a certain amount of that.

Like music cds and itunes, how fucking cheap do you have to be. DS games are like $30-$50 dollars. And a lot gets put second hand. People think in general they are so hip downloading music or games as some sort of entitlement.

I believe there should have been more demos for DS right now that you can try things out which is an excuse pirates use.

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