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I've restricted his access for now. Hopefully won't happen again. The really interesting thing though is that his pc was off during these times, so wondering if the nas has been permanently infected with something, and if that's the case, have the ba


at 3:03 - 25th, November 2007

This sunday will be historic!

we need to discuss who will be bringing their guitar for some epic GH3 combat!

also, johnny, bring a christmas carol if you don't mind.
and i know it's cliff's sister's birthday weekend, but can someone get in touch with him to find out what's going on?

I would like to go to breakfast around noon
so js if you check this before then, give me a call on my cell, you have my number

also, bring your guitar just in case. i haven't heard from johnny if he's bringing his. and ds is a must.

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