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that\'s what you call having fun great to see price having fun. i hope he never changes

Can someone explain to me what we are doing sending NHL teams to europe?

at 11:16 - 5th, October 2010
I know they're trying to get the franchise going over there in europe, which i think is a big mistake, but what's the point?
what do we gain?
why don't european teams come play nhl teams here in north america?
if there are franchises in europe that join the NHL, will they change the name from NHL to GHL (global hockey league)?

• Alex


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Schu Schu
News comment 1 | User comment 370 | 14:32 - 5th, Oct 2010

It's silly. And mostly all it does is tire out the teams that go there.

Basically they hold a few exhibition games between an NHL team and one of their teams. Then they actually start the season for a few teams in Europe, so you get the Whalercanes vs the Wild in Helsinki. You got 6 teams in Europe this year. In a way it's nice for the players on the NHL teams that come from those countries to get to play in front of their "home town crowd" for a change, but it's kind of silly...

Logistically it's impossible to fully expand over there no matter how much they talk about it. Unless you want a 30-game season....and/or a League split in two so the champions of both face off for the final trophy, Stanley Cup or something new...which I don't like. Eventually I can see the League expand too much in Canada/USA to the point where the Stanley Cup will turn into something like the Memorial Cup of the Junior leagues, round-robin and all. (But the season would have to be shorter and more spaced out to fit everything).

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