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fuck, the kid thinks he's in the game did you see how he acted with the sword?

Dead Rising 2 review

at 13:03 - 4th, October 2010
Christophe was asking me if i had heard anything about this and to be quite honest i haven't done any kind of research on it.

my reasoning is, do you need a reason to buy a game that you can literally walk around all day killing zombies in any way imaginable?

I think not.

Here's a review from gamepsot.

• Alex


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jenn jenn
News comment 1 | User comment 20 | 19:21 - 4th, Oct 2010

ME! id play it! just as long as otis doesnt call me every two seconds and i can shoot someone without having to aim in third person everytime.

this is christophe btw

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