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I may like it, it's hard to say. I love Dragonball, but at the same time I've got the same gripe as Christophe.

Back in the driver's seat

at 13:26 - 23rd, August 2010
I'm back in Montreal and with my triumphant return comes the site as well.

Maybe you didn't notice but the site was hacked sometime last week. it's a little difficult trying to determine the exact date it was hacked since i wasn't near a computer. I finally saw what happened around saturday and tried to get it fixed remotely.

can you believe they wanted to charge me to push the site back a couple of days even though the security hole is their problem? i didn't have time to argue and figured the damage was already done so it could wait till i came back.

at any rate, everything is back to "normal" now. i still have plenty to fix, that's why the "normal".

i got in yesterday at around 1, got to be really late and woke up a couple hours later. on top of that we needed to get up early on the ship sunday morning (for breakfast and to disembark) and saturday night i was up until about 2 in the morning trying to find my godchild on the ship. so right now i'm having a hard time concentrating to say the least.

Thanks JS for posting stuff and keeping the site active. keep up the good work man.

• Alex


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js js
News comment 1 | User comment 1052 | 17:06 - 23rd, Aug 2010

Pretty sure the site was only hacked on friday. I went on thursday night and i think i was on for a sec on friday morning.

Cliff Cliff
News comment 2 | User comment 176 | 20:06 - 23rd, Aug 2010

So what was it like on a boat? Being that it was a cruise liner there was probably very little movement. I was busy this weekend so I wasn't able to come on, so I can't help to say when it was hacked but why would someone want to hack a site with no reward?

Alex Alex
News comment 3 | User comment 4968 | 10:23 - 24th, Aug 2010

the ship (not a boat!) was pretty steady and didn't rock too much. the 3 or 4th day was bad though, the crew was doing a lot of clean up in people's bathrooms and even vikie was bed/floor/outside balcony ridden.

my godchild had a bad experience because he went inside.

i, meanwhile, was at the gym running on a treadmill. quite an interesting experience since the entire room was moving and i was almost in the air more than i was on the treadmill.

and weights were funny too. doing bench presses with dumbbells and watching them swing left and right was kind of funny and unnerving.

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