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I was just curious, I don't mind paying full price but if I'm able to do that then I'm fine, but either way..........

Trance Fridays #41 - John O'Bir feat Fisher - Found A Way

at 0:00 - 30th, April 2010
So this is by a guy called John O'Bir AKA Joint Operations and more popularly known as John O'Callaghan.
I think people like christophe and maybe even Jay will enjoy this very much, i know i am.
I had a conversation a while back with Dan G, Jay, Vikie and Christophe about the types of music and what i like about them. i mentioned some of this conversation in a previous post. basically what i love about music like this is the layers and the waves. it's almost as if you're listening to the sounds of the beach.


• Alex


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