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lol, floppy cock... how many games have you bought from the vc? i wonder what the avg is, we've bought a total of 4 (wonder boy, ghouls and ghosts, sin and punishment and mario kart) aside from review site

Conduit 2 Announced by Sega

at 16:43 - 30th, March 2010

Conduit 2 announced

Kotakuis reporting that

High Voltage Software will give fans of its original shooter The Conduit another opportunity to enjoy first-person shooting thrills on the Wii. The latest issue of Nintendo Power unveils the sequel, Conduit 2.

That's Conduit 2, not The Conduit 2, it appears, for reasons that are still unclear. But what is clear is what Sega and High Voltage are bringing to the Wii follow-up: 2-4 player split-screen multiplayer, new weapons—like a gun that can shoot through walls and deployable turrets—and all-new locations. According to the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Conduit 2 will take players from Washington D.C. to Siberia, Atlantis, and a city at the center of the earth, Agartha.

Check out the new issue of Nintendo Power for more details on Conduit 2, which should be arriving on the Wii this fall. And keep an eye on the forthcoming official Conduit 2 web site, which is still a little barren.

the first one was a lot of fun and left the series hanging at the end. i'll definitely pick this up. hell even the multiplayer was fun. though i wonder if anyone still plays it. i haven't booted up the game in ages.

just checked imdb and didn't see kevin sorbo on conduit 2. mind you, i can't find anything about conduit 2 yet either.

• Alex


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