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but if i wanted pancakes at 5 pm i'd make them by me, with chocolate chips nonetheless!

Jun Seba has died

at 21:16 - 18th, March 2010
i just found out about this on Sensible erection. Apparently he died in a car crash and that is pretty much id like to know about his death.

i'm not a hip hop fan but his sound track from samurai champloo really stuck with me. got it on my ipod. shit, now that i think about it when i was walking home today i was thinking to myself that i would listen to the champloo sound track while doing some work.

if you've ever wondered who the signer to battle cry was or what he looked like, i think this is him. but first a video of battlecry.

here's a tribute that his recording studio made for him with what i think is the singer to battle cry.

So by now people, especially fans of champloo have figured out that Jun Suba is AKA Nujabes.
here is my absolute favourite song from the series. when i have something bad (lady gaga) stuck in my head i always think of this and it clears my head. it's also great chilling to this with a sheesha with my lava light going.

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