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Hockey Talk: Montreal v Tampa Bay

at 11:13 - 10th, March 2010
Montreal played Tampa last night here in Montreal. generally speaking Tampa was not there most of the game.
i still would of like to have seen price in net but the team just seems to want to play when halak is in. it's like he's a hero on the team and his very presence on the ice gives the players a +2 to their want to play.
Gomez with 3 points (i think RDS said he has 7 points in his last 3 games, must be more than that by now)
Metropolit with a goal and assist
Darche with 2 goals.

• Alex


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Alex Alex
News comment 1 | User comment 4946 | 11:20 - 10th, Mar 2010

forgot to mention, i think it's far to early for people here to talk about playoffs.
i know it's montreal and we're fanatical about our hockey but with about 14 games left for montreal, we're still in the middle of the crowd vying for a spot and generally 2 to 3 games played ahead of them.

it's too early.

also, when has it become popular to think it's a good thing when we get in to the playoff because another team loses a game. let me explain a little more. we're in 8th place with 88 points, tampa is in 9th with 87 but they have 1 game left to play. tampa loses the game so we make the playoffs. sure we're in but where's the pride?
like when montreal made 1st in the division a couple years back. we only made first because Pittsburgh lost their final game.
i just think these things should be taken realistically. sure they deserve praise but they should also know that they made it because they're lucky.

Schu Schu
News comment 2 | User comment 370 | 15:45 - 10th, Mar 2010

Realistically I think the playoffs are doable if they continue to play team games like the one they did last night, on Saturday against the Kings and previously against the Bruins. Even against the Sharks (before they stopped skating in the third......). They need to do the quick starts because they've been successful all year when they have done that. (And I'm not just talking 1 goal). I'm not really worried about the forwards as much as the D, 'cause if they play their roles (ie. no backing up, no watching, play smart) then we won't see games like the first period vs the Ducks.

Last year Habs squeaked into the playoffs because they won more games vs Florida and earned that OT loser point. This year, the playoff cutoff marker is projected to be 88 points (that's how weak the East is). Tampa looks like they're out of it unless they're playing a bunch of games vs weak teams (like the Islanders). The Bruins are in deep poo right now with Savard out, and unless Bergeron/Ryder/Wheeler have an epiphany they better hope they got a bunch of games vs the Leafs (though even they cause problems for them). I don't see much switching in the standings really. Thrashers, maybe...

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