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played arkham asylum and i have arkham city, but haven\'t played it yet.

Stupid Habs vs Goon Sharks

at 11:23 - 5th, March 2010
I didin't know the Sharks were the Flyers.

- Price was amazing and deserved better, but cursed as he is like the previous #31 on this team (Jeff Hackett) he's a good goalie perpetually stuck behind a shitty team.
- Habs are back to one line that might score and a bunch of deadweights that enjoy runnning in circles.
- Everyone will praise the shot blocking of the Habs, but really they just allowed the Sharks to do whatever they wanted in the Habs zone. Lucky for the Habs Price doesn't give off a zillion rebounds like Jaro does. And even then the Sharks still managed 40 shots (projected calculation, if Jaro were there it would have been in the 50-shot range). That's 30 scoring chances too. I honestly don't remember the shots on Nabby 'cause it felt like the Habs had maybe 20 in total and only 10 that were good. (That last glove save Nabby did was actually going wide, all he did was give us on O-zone face off which was stupid of him 'cause the Habs tossed on the extra man).
- CHRIS LEE MUST DIIIIIIIIIIIIE. A stick lift is not a hook you asswipe. And a hip check is not a trip. But oh no, don't call the Sharks on the hooks, trips, grabs 'cause that would be fair. (Not that it mattered, the PP was shit after that one goal Gomez got tipped off a Shark).
- Marleau's shorthanded goal exemplified precisely why they lost last night: Lazy defence and lackadaisical ladida play will be the death of this team. That puck had no business even being in the Sharks possession let alone heading towards the net. Smooth move Markov, Spacek... Maybe someone should start questioning their heart...
- And a curse on you, Vehicular Homicide (Heatley).
- Someone owes Price breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and a lots of hugs and apologies. And if Martin doesn't play him next game he's a fucking moron.

And people are bringing up last year's game against the Sharks and how Jaro "won" that game without bringing up the fact that Brian Boucher was the goalie for the Sharks (not that Nabby was any better, his life wasn't made difficult last night), it was a home game for the Habs without an Olympic break and the old team was together, Habs scored 3 early on Boucher and did nothing the rest of the game while the Sharks got two quick goals in the 2nd and then hit the posts the rest of the game. Suck it, people. Jaro would have gotten pulled last night like all the other goalies in the League (Fleury, Leclaire, Roloson).

But whatever. The Sharks will be bounced in the first round of the playoffs anyway (or second if they're lucky).

• Schu


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Alex Alex
News comment 1 | User comment 4954 | 21:44 - 5th, Mar 2010

media in montreal still going after price eh?

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4954 | 21:46 - 5th, Mar 2010

also, is anyone else worried that the canadiens are like 3-4 games ahead of everyone else in the division?

Schu Schu
News comment 3 | User comment 370 | 10:39 - 8th, Mar 2010

Yes and yes.
Like yesterday. After playing an almost perfect defensive game vs the Kings, they turn around and forget how to play D? Shots were 15-11 Habs, but the scoring chances were 9-2 Ducks! That is so wrong it's not even funny! Lucky for them the Ducks seemed satisfied with one period and lost their own ability to defend with 2 minutes left. Perry can shove that gold medal up his ass for all I care. But what a farce. Martin should have played Price Saturday as a message and reward instead he doesn't and the message sounds like "thanks for you hard work now go take a seat" and then uses him yesterday but the team doesn't show up until the 2nd and pulls him, when it could have easily been 5-0 Ducks after 1. Halak does practically nothing (except nearly kills Spacek) and it's all "hallelujah the saviour". What a crock of shit. He should have left him in the game unless he said he wasn't going back out there if that's how they're going to play... I hate this team sometimes, I really do.
I always wondered about those game in hand the other teams have. What, are the Habs going to have two weeks off at the end of the season and watch everyone pass by them? It's absolutely retarded.

Schu Schu
News comment 4 | User comment 370 | 10:42 - 8th, Mar 2010

Also Martin refuses to put Sergei on the powerplay. If it's not working, wouldn't you want to try it? Instead you got Gorges who can't hit the side of a barn, Spacek who forgot how to play that position, Hamr who enjoys falling over himself, and Markov has no one to pass to. Even O'Byrne was up there. Sergei grew up on the point of a powerplay or he sneaks in backdoor. It's where he was in junior, in the AHL, even Carbo used him there. And guess what...he scored from there!

Idiots. All of them.

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