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Trance Fridays #30 - Special Feature

at 0:00 - 12th, February 2010
Finally happened, we made it to 30. for this one i decided to show you something a little different. instead of just one song/video i've decided to give you all a a taste of a party by having a small set from some mixer on Let's Mix.

Let's Mix is not a social place for meeting people, well ok, it can be but originally i think it was meant to share people's love for music.
as such, here's a mix by PlanetExpress.

the track list is what i would hope to find at a party.
1. Rank 1 — LED There Be Light
2. Sander Van Doorn — Bilksem
3. Jochen Miller Vs. Armin Van Buuren (Marcus Schulz) — Lost Vocal Connection
4. Dash Berlina w/ Cerf & Mitiska ft. Jaren — Man on the Run
5. Mike Shiver (Alex M.O.R.P.H. remix) — On the Surface
6. M.I.K.E. (Gareth Emery Remix) — Sunrise at Palamos
7. David West — Welsh Morphology
8. W&W — Mainstage
9. Ram — Ramsterdam
10. Super 8 & Tab — Irufushi
11. Ashley Wallbridge & Andy Moor — Faces

with 11 tracks the entire thing runs 62 minutes, and you'll notice some stuff i've already posted. but theres nothing like hearing a good transition to a song then the build up and finally the climax. almost like sex, hehe.

Entranced from planetexpress at

• Alex


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