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Hockey Talk - Montreal v Vancouver Feb 2 2010

at 11:11 - 3rd, February 2010
Montreal wins 3 - 2 without going into overtime. and from what i understand, scoring all goals on even strength. what WHAT?! even strength goals?! unheard of!

i missed the game, watched highlights and saw the typical halak problems, the typical encouraging gomez and gionta play but no scoring, saw pouliot go to the net and push, saw darshe push his way to the puck and actually get it ( a lot of other canadiens don't do this) and i saw DAGS actually play like he wanted it.

sergei scored as well. missed the other two goals though.
didn't see the vancouver goals at all though.

phaneuf in his first fight as a mapple leaf, reminded me of komisarek burning down all his habs bridges during the first game of the season. just seem to be trying too hard. giguere seems to have stolen the show though. i wonder if he could be a bright light for toronto, i don't think the other acquisitions will change the team too much.

boston lost, nice :D

but the habs are still ahead of most of the pack in games played, how is this possible? i'm sure it'll come back to bite us in the ass later on.

• Alex


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Schu Schu
News comment 1 | User comment 370 | 11:30 - 3rd, Feb 2010

That first Vancouver goal was fugly... If that had been Price in nets, we would have never heard the end of it, but whatever >.>

Sergei was the player of the game. He's was the best player on the ice, and fucking Martin didn't use him once on the powerplay. I think he really doesn't know his players at all... This kid is a quarterback on the point. He and Maxwell, that was the most successful powerplay the Bulldogs had not to mention their most successful combo when he was down there with him (w/ Brock Trotter).

Plekanec's goal was hilarious.

Whatever for Toronto. Giggy wears large equipment (cheater! next year will be tough for him eh). The Devils are in a snide...and Danis was playing nets for them. Boston has lost their last 8 games. After that game, apparently, it was announced that Ryder was available for trade. And I laughed. Ever wonder why Bob only offered him one-year contracts every year?

One win and the team bounces up to 7th. Another loss, they'll probably be back in 10th. That's how retarded the standings are. Unless of course the Rangers and the Bruins continue crapping out...

Schu Schu
News comment 2 | User comment 370 | 11:43 - 3rd, Feb 2010

Did you know this team is number 1 in payroll lost from injury? Other teams with that problem: Carolina, Edmonton. Look where they are in compared to our team.

And people bitch and whine daily about firing this guy, trading that guy, tanking... It's telling when Price got the first two Molson Cups, then Jaro got it for December (either he or Pouliot should get it for January but I haven't heard anything). Plekanec and Cammalleri played out of their minds... Spacek and Hamrlik don't get any credit at all for picking up the slack and trying to cover for Markov... Pyatt and White's yeoman work killing penalties... The feeding off crappier teams to get wins (and there are more crappier teams than good teams, but occasionally those crappier teams go on a hot streak too like Atlanta did)..

Add the man lost to injuries thing with the new players, new coach, new system thing....and this team should be in the bottom. But they're not. So it's not as bad as people complain it is. Yea they're frustrating most nights but overall it's just not that bad... This city just needs to calm down.

I wish the Nords were back. That would help...

Alex Alex
News comment 3 | User comment 4954 | 11:44 - 3rd, Feb 2010

did the rangers start scoring again?

need to find plekanec's goal now.

wouldn't the ideal point on the power play be markov with sergei then? markov being the sneaky bastard he is, sneaks to the net, bergeron takes his place as guard, sergei cross ice pass to markov who's now next to the goalie. simple no? bergeron might not be best choice for guard though, but can't refuse the fact that his shot is wicked.

Alex Alex
News comment 4 | User comment 4954 | 11:48 - 3rd, Feb 2010

i really want the nordiques back just for the rivalry.

hamr frustrates me, he throws the puck out of the rink too much for his own good and spacek while did a great job, i don't see him being a big influence on the habs. gill is kinda the same, good player, has a ring, but is slow and lazy a lot.

markov is another, to me he's just overrated. sure he's a good D but best in the league? dunno. and when he makes a mistake it usually costs a goal because there's no one there to cover him.

Schu Schu
News comment 5 | User comment 370 | 11:49 - 3rd, Feb 2010

MAB misses too much now... but those three on the PP would be sick...

Rangers? Uh... No. And Jokinen was a welcoming -2.

Alex Alex
News comment 6 | User comment 4954 | 11:51 - 3rd, Feb 2010

so then you think the flames made out better with the trade? they got higgins but he hasn't done much this season. maybe he'll be better in calgary

Schu Schu
News comment 7 | User comment 370 | 12:02 - 3rd, Feb 2010

If they use him properly, maybe. He's a forecheker, and a PK specialist. When Bob took over last season, Higgins-Metro-Dandenault was an awesome combo and the best line in the playoffs. Most people thought Higgins was a potential 30-goal scorer...but he's not. Even the Rangers though he'd be a scorer... (Then again, playing with Koivu kind of masked that illusion).

Hope the Habs don't make the same mistake with Kristo. But Kristo seems to be more aware of his abilities than what Higgins boasted about.

For the Rags, I bet Prust will be the best part of that deal for them XD

Hmm... so now the Rags only have McDonagh from the Gomez trade eh? Weird how that worked out. (I don't count Valentenko, I'll be very surprised if he ever comes back overseas...and from the sound of it, he's sitting way to pretty back in Russia now).

Alex Alex
News comment 8 | User comment 4954 | 14:02 - 3rd, Feb 2010

but generally higgins is a ~20 goal scorer, not bad
so far he's truly underperformed though. i wonder if that had something to do with him getting out of NY or if cap space was the only reason

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