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Hockey Talk - Montreal v Dallas

at 9:49 - 15th, January 2010
Does anyone remember when the Dallas Stars used to be the Minnesota North Stars?

anyway, good game last night. 5 - 3 victory over the stars.
highlight of the game:
Price making good in the third period. he had a couple good saves before that but the first two goals he should of gotten.
Is it me, or is metropolit either not playing with the ferocity he used to play with or is it that everyone else is finally matching his ferocity? i still love the guy and it makes me happy to see him on the ice.
laraque is still overrated but he finally put one in the net last night and made a nice hit without getting a penalty
camelleri, just wow.
gionta two goals, was hoping he'd get an empty netter too. do you think they keep all the hats or they just toss them?
pouillot with a goal and an assist. great trade.

next game is saturday against the Senators. both montreal and ottawa are tied in the standings in point, wins and losses i believe.

who do you think will be in net? i'm hoping price, i still think he's the better goalie.

• Alex


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Schu Schu
News comment 1 | User comment 370 | 18:29 - 15th, Jan 2010

Being there, I'll tell you the first goal was one hell of a mind game. And Gorges screwed up the 2-on-1 by falling in too deep so there was no way he could cover any pass. Petersen had his head turned practically around with all signals saying he was going to pass, but instead he let off a nasty wrister. It was 50/50. But when you're off for 4 days and your goalie hadn't played in over a week, not the best idea to start allowing a string of odd-man rushes so early. The second one, Ott was in his face and tipped it otherwise it was heading right for his gut. But no one was bothering to clear him. Dallas tried the same thing later in the 3rd but Price was on it. Still, I'd like it more if his defencemen would do their damn job. (Markov had a bad night). Also would be nice if they used that gameplan from the Carolina game to take advantage of weaker or other .500 teams.
Metro was great. He can stickhandle in a phone booth for a fraction of Kovy's price&is key on the PP (faceoffs).
I still love Turco even if he's over the hill now...

Doesn't matter who goes Saturday 'cause it's a back to back. And the Ranger's game the next day is in the afternoon at some rediculous time like 2pm..

Schu Schu
News comment 2 | User comment 370 | 18:30 - 15th, Jan 2010

Also Mike Brodeur (no relation) is probably in nets for Ottawa and he's frustratingly good. He has annoyed me many times in Bulldogs games...

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