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There is a place for everyone in this province and like it or not it will have to be accepted at some point. All this BS of french twice as large as english on signs screams desperation, fear and bigotry. Like aside from foreigners th

Montreal vs Ottawa

at 8:32 - 9th, December 2009

Canadiens logo

I watched most of the game, basically i stopped right before the end of the first and came back during the third. missed all the goals aside from Gomez's.

this is the reason i love Gomez. he is a great forchecker and doesn't give in. just relentless and got an open net goal. wonderful.
oh and a boon, kovelev didn't have a point and i saw him get a stupid penalty.

canadiens had 7 penalties and did't let anything in. impressive.
they let 46 shots on goal and halak stopped all but one, impressive. though i don't remember seeing even close to 46 shots on goal.
montreal scored on 2 of it's 3 powerplays.

let's hope they keep this up.

• Alex


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Schu Schu
News comment 1 | User comment 370 | 11:03 - 9th, Dec 2009

Yea the 46 shots are suspect... I honestly only remember like maybe 15 and only maybe 3-4 good scoring chances for the Sens. I don't think these guys realize how controlled a game they played and how relentless they were defensively. And when they did screw up, Jaro was there, but the shots for the most part were very controlled.

And most of the penalties were total bull. I'm getting really tired of this problem. When you see MAB tackled behind his net and then is sat on for 30 seconds and then almost right after he's called for tripping on a total dive... When you see Sergei's stick his being held while he's being hook that prevents him to get a good shot away (he still managed the shot eventually) and then they call Gill for the same thing the other way in a scrum... When Rhino is called for a standard front of the net sticks-cross jousting match... Took them 30s to call too many men. HATE! But at least the ref assisted on Cammy's goal by kicking the puck to Pleks for the 2-on-1 :D

It's hilarious how the arena fills up with Habs fans. I call it a suburb of the Bell Center. (And most of those fans are from the Ottawa area too). That place is usually a fucking library of silence.

Schu Schu
News comment 2 | User comment 370 | 11:07 - 9th, Dec 2009

Someone said on the empty netter goal that Gomez is such a playmaker that he had to pass to the net first to score the goal XD

Alex Alex
News comment 3 | User comment 4954 | 12:28 - 9th, Dec 2009


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