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it\'s more a download or rental for me

Minor Site Update: image uploading

at 23:41 - 25th, November 2009
i saw that vikie had uploaded an image for bal en blanc and the image didn't work (problem with the url, not with the uploading) it's all fixed now. and i've added some functionality as well. add a style to the image and allowed people to chose how to align the image, as shown below.

this is the alt text

i also have a working version of the thumbnail maker, something i coded myself, though i can't quite get it working with the way this server is set up. will get that going later.

• Alex


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Alex Alex
News comment 1 | User comment 4882 | 21:44 - 27th, Nov 2009

and we're good
check out what i've done

from some anime, i wanted to use it as a template for a sketch i wanted to make

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