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there's 20-odd episodes.. i've been going through them all, so funny

Apple wins judgment in case against clone maker Psystar

at 10:32 - 24th, November 2009
Can't believe i forgot to post this. Apple and Psystar have been duking it out in court in 2 states over can Psystar legally sell pc's with mac os installed on them. it's been messy and ugly and even i have gone with both sides on this one.

anyway, Apple finally won the case in California and now are expected to win in Florida because of that.

It's good and bad. Good because apple can go back to focusing on making a great product, OS X, instead of focusing on how to stop people from installing their great product on other manufacturer's hardware.
bad because it doesn't encourage competition in the mac market. sure apple is a hardware company but they tend not to push things as much in the technical aspect of hardware as much as the design aspect.
when the clones came out in the 90's Apple lost a lot of ground in it's own market, but the other computers that were coming out were better designed, faster and cheaper. A part of me thinks that it'd be nice to see something like this happen with the latest macs.

• Alex


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Carl Carl
News comment 1 | User comment 1159 | 10:38 - 24th, Nov 2009

Until you mentioned this company, never heard of them. It's all about controlling the IP. Go to neowin or countless other tech sites and there are plenty of people who rig OS X into working on the computers. I seriously doubt this company distracted Apple from working on OS X.

Apple has a decent OS and their PC look like art. Very casual and not much else to it. I doubt we will ever see any significant changes both to OS and hardware. They seem to have "upgrades" scheduled yearly during their conference.

Played with the latest iMac at the Future Shop. Beautiful machine but get past the pretty parts and not much else to it. Glorified Linus? Yup

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4899 | 10:49 - 24th, Nov 2009

there more to mac than being considered an over glorified linux box.
the OS is completely different. much friendlier to use.

anyway, the difference between psystar and random guys on neowin and where ever else is that psystar sold pc's with mac os on it, and advertised as such. i know there are a lot of people who are willing to put os x on a pc for a price but never on such a large scale as psystar.

check out their site if it's still up that is.

the only thing that compared to psystar was efi-x. and both were built off of an open source boot record or something.

Curt Curt
News comment 3 | User comment 281 | 9:24 - 26th, Nov 2009

Not to nit pick, but it's not a glorified Linux. It's a glorified FreeBSD:

Carl Carl
News comment 4 | User comment 1159 | 11:13 - 26th, Nov 2009

lol True enough

Alex Alex
News comment 5 | User comment 4899 | 9:36 - 2nd, Dec 2009

an update on the whole thing
Earlier today, we reported on a preliminary settlement between Apple and Psystar regarding the former's lawsuit over copyright infringement by Psystar in selling PC hardware preinstalled with Mac OS X Leopard. Engadget now reports on a new court filing outlining the settlement agreement that sees Psystar scheduled to pay approximately $1.34 million to Apple and a like amount in attorneys' fees.

it would also appear that psystar is changing their business a little bit. they won't be selling pc's with mac os x preinstalled but rather selling pc's capable of running mac os x with the software to install it yourself, rebel-efi.

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