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I like androids way better. Whenever i buy an app, it lists what the app will access and if you don\'t like it, there are other apps that can do the same thing that don\'t. When there\'s an update available it notifies you after you open the market

Trance Fridays #19 Ronski Speed vs Oceanlab - E.O.S. Satellite

at 0:00 - 27th, November 2009
This is an oldie thats been put through the vs treatment. Ronski speed does great work on making songs a bit more up beat and a bit more dance like. oceanlab is, well, oceanlab is oceanlab. highly influenced by above and beyond which is not a bad thing at all since above and beyond is one of my favorite djs. if they come to montreal, i'm there. armin not so much though i'd probably say he's my #1 dj.

anyway, i digress.

• Alex


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