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i find this hilarious, maybe johnny and deb could use one ;)

Trance Fridays #15 - Mr Sam Feat Claud9 Cygnes

at 0:00 - 30th, October 2009
Last week i spoke about how i have an addictive personality and how I can listen to a song repeatedly until my ears bleed music. This song is definitely one of those songs, and even more so now that Erin told me her little story. It's a particularly touching song when you listen to the lyrics and realize that it's someone saying goodbye to their father, it doesn't help that the voice sounds like a little girl, even if it is robotic ala Portal.

here's the original track by Mr Sam and Claud9.

if you want to see something special check this out. It's the Armin Only event in Las Vegas (i think it's las vegas). He has one hell of a programmer, the idea of him behind the tarp and shinning light into it is just brilliant. and then to use that as a giant screen for video is even better.
presenting armin van buuren with Mr sam and Claud9's Cygnes

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