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Nooooo! What is wrong with us?! How did we give Harper a bigger slice of the pie?!

Demerit Points Guide

at 15:11 - 25th, September 2009
I dont know if he told anybody yet, but Alex officially got pulled by a cop for a ticket for the first time this morning.

(YEY in the Vikie world!!)

It was just too bad that it was'nt for speeding....

Here is a gudie that Alex may fidn interresting:

QC Demerits Point Guide

• vikie


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Alex Alex
News comment 1 | User comment 4876 | 16:46 - 25th, Sep 2009

so three points for the phone infraction but no cash charge for it
meanwhile, no demerit for the registration not being signed but 95$


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